Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Beer allowed in The Park?

Yes Beer is allowed, however we do not sell alcohol, and ask that if you drink, drink responsibly.

Q. Do you have Pull Thru RV Sites?

Not now; we plan to add those in the planned expansions beginning the spring of 2018.

Q. Do you have Jeep trails?

None specifically for Jeeps, however several of our trails are perfect for Jeeps.

Q. What are 'Events'?

An ‘Event’, is anything that is outside the normal scope of camping, RV’ing, or ATV riding as a normal operation of the park. We will have 2 Types of Events, The 1st will be Events Sponsored by SMOFARVP, the 2nd will be Events Sponsored by others where SMOFARVP is the venue.

‘Events’ are priced based on the cost to host the event. We plan to hold 8 to 9 events a year, with 4 or 5 of them being ‘Major Events’, some of the other events will be a Veterans Ride Free Weekend (the weekend before Veterans Day), a First Responders Appreciation Weekend which includes Nurses and hospital workers, a teachers and school workers weekend, as well as fund raisers for causes like Breast Cancer Research, Toy for Tots, and other groups.